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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 20, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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. hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. if you're looking for the best videos from the web, this is the show for you, "right this minute." and in accordance with god's will, you will now confess it. >> it's a wedding jaw dropper. what happens when the minister says i object? >> cops get word of drivers behaving badly. why breaking up the party doesn't go as planned.
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>> famed wing suit pilot deb corliss is about to attempt the impossible. >> she is essentially going to be flying through that tiny little crack. >> he reveals why he almost turned down the challenge of the mountains. >> when i saw the image i said, no, i don't. >> plus in you want to win a new ipod mini, we have friday's buzz word to win. >> and why this definitely ends with a hole in one. >> i did not see that coming! a wedding video for you guys that's going viral. and it will make you say awkward! >> oh, no. >> you'll see why. this is the beautiful nuptials of noel and rob. she looks beautiful, he looks handsome, right? but there's a little problem
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with something in the background. >> in accordance with god's will, you do now confess it. please, sir, leave. please. >> who's he talking to? >> who is he talkito? >> the photographer. >> he's talking to the photographer in the back taking pictures of this grandiose moment? >> he's talking to the photographer and the prn with the video camera. >> this is a solemn assembly, not a photographry session. >> it's a wedding! >> and it not even in the church. >> i think that the clicking, the shutter sound is drowning him out. most importantly, look at the looks on the faces of noel and rob as this whole thing is going on. they're like what the f. >> i will stop the ceremo if
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you do t g out of >> please tell me someone speaks up and tells this guy to cool it. >> someone moves the camera at the end and ruins the shot. >> how dare he. this is their wedding, they probably paid a ton of money. how dare he! >> steam is coming out of my ears. a lot of planning goes into this. you want to look your best on your wedding day and you want to have a beautiful memory of that day. >> we'll stop the ceremony if you do not get out of the way. >> you blew it! >> let's head on over to oakland, california, for a bit of a side show. this, not the type you'd see at a circus. this is basically a bunch of rowdy guys out with their cars behaving badly. this is an intersection in a city. this isn't closed to these guys. they're just out there breaking the law. keep your eyes right there. see those while headlights
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coming over the hill? >> yeah. >> they're not there to join the party. they're there to break it up. white lights turn into po-po lights. they chase after him but that chase stops quickly. >> oh! >> that mustang reverses into those cop cars. >> oh, [ bleep ]. >> squeezes through. >> get on the ground! >> the officers jump out, weapons drawn, and pull this guy out of the car. he has a female passenger. in the background, people scatter, you hear glass breaking. that glass is coming from bystanders hurling bottles at the police. >> hey, be careful! >> what a wild scene. imagine if you're just trying to get through this intersection? do you just sit there and wait until they're done? these side shows are not uncommon in the oakland area. we did reach out to the oakland
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police department. they did not respond to us before our deadline. >> oh! oh! >> not too long ago we had jeb corliss on the show and he hinted on a huge, mega stunt he was getting ready for. he finally revealed that mega stunt is called the flying dagger. he is essentially going to be flying through that tiny little crack. >> where is that crack? >> a mountain of china. it's about 15 to 16 feet at its widest point and 8 at its f thinnest point. >> and he has to pamaintain his position to not hit the wall? >> and it's about three football fields long. he really does have control and
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is very precise. >> we've seen him go through some really tight spots but this one i mean is just the next level. >> we have some shots of him doing some practice flights in switzerland. but to tell us more about this, who looked at that mountain and said who said he should fly through it? >> i got contacted by a rep from china and was asked do you think this is possible? i said, no, i don't. when you stick your arms out, you literally only have a couple feet on each side. no one has flown a weng suit in an environment like this before. it instantly became a dream. >> what do you think the most dank -- dangerous element is?
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>> i'll be deploying the parachute at a low altitude, 300 feet. >> so why agree to this? >> it's exciting, challenging and everything about it is rad. my goal is to push the boundaries of what's possible. i'm really excited to go over and have the opportunity it do this. >> we can't wait to see the flight. i'm eager. september 28th? >> september 28th china time. >> hey, it's friday, everybody. i think we should celebrate. >> we could give away an ipad mini? >> we could but you're going to need the buzz word. >> you have to be 18 years old to win and you have to be a resident. >> stand by, everybody. . it's the rtm ipad giveaway.
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>> a man is about to receive an award for brave riff. this is inside a gas station in the u.k. as the footage picks up, you see a woman with a scarf across her face. watch what she does. >> it's a knife. >> it's an 8-inch knife. she lunges at the cashier but michael is not afraid. she asks for cash, he says no way and grabs the hand that has the knife and pushes it away from him. >> you saw right there he hit the button under the counter, too. >> that is the panic button. that button locks them inside the station. now she's stuck inside with the cashier. she decides to go at him once again with the knife. he grabs the blade of the night with his bare hands. you do see the injury to his
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hand. in fact, you'll see the blood dripping from his hand down to the floor there behind the counter. according to police, this woman, 29-year-old anna chambers, was drunk at the time that this happened. strangely it looks as though she feels really terrible about the fact that she injured him in this attempt to get money. you see her walk down one of the aisles inside the store and she comes back with paper towels so that he can clean his wound and wipe his hand. police did arrive on scene and we see that moment. you see police holding pepper spray, threatening to spray her. she grabs a bottle of wine and another officer comes in and tackles her to the floor and more officers come in to get her back under control. this happened in februy but chambers was ju nowehind bars. >> she's thinking if i help him, maybe they'll only give me four
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years. >> maybe half the sentence. >> lady leads police on a high-speed chase until a pit maneuver gets in the way. >> it rolled offer her vehicle. >> why this rollover came with an unexpected twist. >> and see the bizarre how-to video for an easy panda halloween costume. >> it should look something like this. >> looks more like a virus. i'll go with the illusion. ♪ ♪ ♪ wish list. this year alone, i hit new york... and texas. see, hotwire checks the competition's rates every day so they can guarantee their low hotel prices. ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e... ♪
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dash cam video from the florida highway patrol out of orange county, florida. you see this officer following behind roxana scott. he noticed she was swerving a bit. this is a look at roxana. she's got a couple of mug shots. you know she has a checkered past. >> does he know it's her? >> he ran her plate and found she's out on bond for driving without a license. she doesn't currently have a license. all of a sudden she just floors it. now watch the speed here on the dash cam from the officer. >> i'm now 90 to 100. >> can you see her swerving all over the place. eventually you hear the patrolman say he's going to try a pit maneuver. >> i'm going to try to pit here in just a second. >> there's your successful pit
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maneuver. it rolled over her vehicle. that's not supposed to happen. >> not supposed to happen. >> the vehicle just before university, pitted vehicle rolled over. >> they do see the patrolman rush out to help this woman. >> ma'am, back away from the sun roof. i'm going to break it out. >> other officers show up. eventually she's able to crawl out, seemingly uninjured. >> put your hands behind your -- >> i am. i'm not resisting. >> then you hear this. >> i'm pregnant. >> you're pregnant and drinking? >> she's claiming she's pregnant. she's not pregnant. that's a lie. >> so she failed the pregnancy test and failed the breathalyzer i'm presuming? >> big time. and she tested positive for several drugs.
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>> you're under arrest. i'm going to read you your miranda rights. >> hope she gets some help. sounds like she can use some recovery programs. >> as we get close to halloween, it's very important right this minute that we give our viewers ideas for their costumes. i found one i think you're all going to love. >> this is my panda costume tutorial. the things you need is margarine, and the furst thing you need is a white spot. >> he takes the pieces of bread, spreading the margarine on it and sticking it on yourself.
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then you add the black spot. >> he's like three different colors now. still looks like a virus. >> and basically you take an extension cord and a tie to make a tail. that's a tail he put in his underwear. if you done want to be a panda, you're now a dalmatian. >> you should do it. cheaper than your ghost costume. >> yeah. >> the camera's on stage. and then -- >> on the head of the drummer. >> see what happens next "right this minute." >> and still to come, this rally fighter is about to hit the road for a good cause. but first he gets taken for a little joy ride. >> but take a look who's inside thcar. >> the familiar face that's riding shotgun. plus don't miss your chance at
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an ipad mini. friday's buzz word is coming up. would let me take you home.gies
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closed captioning provided by: often that an
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animal will take itself to a wildlife rescuer, but in the bay area in california, a little racoon showed up just a little ways from the front door of wild care, a wildlife hospital, almost admitting itself to the treatment and care of these people. a police officer first noticed this racoon on its own wandering down the street, thought it was a little odd because it was a baby and it was daylight. so the folks from wild care spring in action and make sure this little racoon is taken care of. it had some abrasions on its front paw to make sure it was taken care and gave it penicillin to make sure it
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didn't get an infection. >> and the mom couldn't take care it have soropp it off at an orphanage. >> it's obama care. >> so folks are keeping this racoon in foster care for a bit. there are 34 other rescue racoons at their facility. it's going to have little friends to play with. once this little racoon has gained its strength, they will release this little girl back to the wild and it has a chip in it so if it shows back up at wild care, they'll know what it do. >> that's the sad thing, once they go there, they all leave with a chip on their shoulder. >> oh, boy. >> one of the coolest cars money can buy. it's called the rally fighter, built in arizona. it can jump, lifted, street legal but you can take this thing off road and have all kinds of fun.
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it's fun to watch. but take a look who's inside this car. >> oh! >> my slap jaw dopey grin. look who else is in the car. that is buddy. you may remember him from this video. this was at a race in parker, arizona. the rally fighter up and over the jump and then diggered in, flipped over, end over end. kept going. the rally fighter and the local motors team is just one of 42 teams entering into the fire ball run. it's an eight-day, 2,000 mile journey across america where it's like a life-size trivia game that uses the united states as a game board. each individual team represents a missing child. from that team, wherever they go, all over this 2,000 miles they'll be handing out flyers
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and telling people about the child they're representing, spreading of word of trying to find that missing child. >> this is awesome. >> it's a cool event, celebrities join this thing. it kicks off september 21st in colorado. >> all right, it's rtm ipad mini give away. >> you have to be 18 and have the buzz word. >> enter on our facebook page. if you're entering with your phone or tablet, go to the first post on our page and tap on the link. >> and lick on the win an ipad button. >> and enter the friday buzz word "prank." good luck, everybody. >> two dudes take a stab at a new golf shot. >> you put the tee in your mouth and we're going to put a golf
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ball on the tee and hit the ball. >> but see why this
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got a couple of animal friends videos to show you. we start with two siberian huskies. there's one there husky in what looks like could be the kitchen and there's another ones that stuck in the cat door. >> that's definitely not a doggy door for a husky. big dog, little door. >> it sounds like these huskies are talking to each other. >> it sounds like he's figuring out how to help him. >> look, he uses his paw, he hits him in the face. >> you can tell they're friends. >> let's head over to the gw
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interactive zoological park. >> what, a monkey and a dog all hanging out on the sofa? >> they think they're all the same. they're a little motley crew. >> once every couple months we find a video that looks like this. a couple of bros that get the idea that they're going to put the tee in their mouth and the ball on the tee. >> why is there always a beverage in their hand? >> the dude on the ground is the human tee. a couple practice shots. >> i feel like he's going to nail his phase. >> his nose is going to be what's going to fly. >> something gets nailed. here comes the swing. >> [ bleep ]. >> oh, no. >> ew, ew.
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>> oh! i did not see that coming! >> no! >> oh, maybe like a centimeter down, a few millimeters down? >> that pierced his tongue! >> i was expecting a good thump to the side of the tongue. we've never seen this. >> no. >> a commenter on the blog goes "i call this a hole in tongue." >> that's correct. >> that's our show, everybody. thanks for joining us and we'll see you for the next edition of "right this minute." -- captions by vitac --
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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we've been searching the web for the best videos of the day. we've got them for you "right this minute." you have the registration? >> no. >> it's your basic traffic stop. >> that just goes terribly wrong. >> what the driver did tt sent a cop over the edge. >> you just threatened to give my public information out? >> a gamer goes off over "grand theft auto." >> we have a case of nerd rage here.


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